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Wednesday, 20 April 2011 22:44

Dear Editor,
The way I see the 2011 election – first of all Michael Ignatieff   seems to think we needed his help to rescue Canada. So he rushed back from United States to save us.
If the Liberals really wanted to be a forward-thinking party that would have won this election. Justin Trudeau would have been their leader. The Liberal party is still run by the old boys club. Until that changes their popularity will continue to drop.
Stephen Harper has made Canada the envy of the world financially. Possibly not that hard when you run a country that lacks nothing. If Stephen doesn’t discipline his party members for their shenanigans, we can believe this is the ethics of the Conservative party.
If I vote this year, it will probably be Conservative for a lack of anything better. You hear a lot of talk on the radio about people not taking the time to vote. The important thing is having the right to vote. If there is no party worthy of your vote, why on earth would you waste your time? The fact that there is going to be a poor turnout isn’t that Canadians aren’t patriotic.
Give us a party that tells us what they stand for, what they’ll do for Canada, for our troops, where they stand on abortion, how they plan to get our Aboriginals out of slums and into the workplace. When this happens there will be lineups at the polls.
As far as this election that “Canadians in general” didn’t want is concerned, a poor turnout is inevitable. I hope the fact that few go to the polls tells them something. The rest of us that think it’s our civic duty to vote will try to guess which one is the real Santa Claus.
Rodney Fairbrother
Consul, Sask.

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