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Written by Wayne Litke   
Monday, 12 March 2012 21:37

The sheer number of new products that are released each year is amazing, and the number that will have a negative impact on people’s lives is shocking. A person would think that regulatory requirements would prevent bad products from reaching consumers, but sadly that is not the case.
In my opinion, one of the newest products to be approved for use in the States will definitely be abused by many people. The product is AeroShot, a lipstick-sized container that releases tiny particles of caffeine and vitamin B when the product is inhaled. The fine powder is apparently large enough it will be carried into the lungs, but will be released and quickly absorbed in the mouth.
An AeroShot container has enough product for four to six uses, but let’s be realistic. Envision a student, truck driver, energy worker or corporate slave who has consumed four cups of coffee and an energy drink in the last six hours. Will that person limit their AeroShot intake to one hit? Absolutely not. Everyone, including the manufacturer, knows users will consume all the product in a matter of minutes and then likely look for more if they continue to feel tired.
A warning letter was released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration concerning the product which states it is not suitable for people who are under 18 years old. No kidding! The FDA is concerned over the way the product is marketed which could lead to misuse by children and adolescents. The product’s website states AeroShot is unsuitable for people under 18 years of age, but the label on the product apparently states it is unsuitable for anyone less than 12 years old.
The FDA also believes there is an increased risk for anyone using AeroShot if they are intoxicated. Ingesting caffeine while drinking alcohol may cause a person to feel less drunk, but it does not reduce impairment or blood alcohol levels.
AeroShot is classed as an inhalable food product which is ironic in itself. The last time I checked, people were continuing to use lever-and-jaw action to grind solid food into a disgusting mess that slid down the throat and into the stomach. The grinding mechanism may vary with age, but in all cases the consumption process involved ingestion. Humans are simply not equipped to inhale food, so labeling powdered caffeine as an inhalable food product is absolutely wrong.
AeroShot reportedly hits the user with a caffeine kick. The so-called dietary supplement costs about $3 and delivers 100 mg of caffeine which is apparently the equivalent of a large coffee. The AeroShot website also states the product has zero calories, is small and easily transportable and does not produce coffee stains on a user’s teeth (bonus). Thanks to this new product I will no longer need a coffee break at work. I can simply inhale my caffeine and get right back to work with a boost of energy.
I like my coffee, but large amounts can have an adverse effect on me and cause an irregular heart beat. Overuse can cause adrenal glands to become exhausted, severe blood sugar swings, acid imbalance in the stomach and depletion of essential minerals.
Due to abuse, I am sure the AeroShot manufacturer will ultimately end up in multiple lawsuits when the product is misused or taken in conjunction with other products such as coffee or energy drinks. The question that remains is will enough people purchase the product that the manufacturer will have the finances to fight multiple legal battles or a class-action law suit?
In the end, it is usually society and tax payers that end up footing the final bill when our medical system is forced to deal with health problems that bad products and misuse cause. It’s time regulatory agencies step up to the plate and stop all unhealthy products from entering our country.
In regards to last week’s column, it was close, but a majority of respondents confirmed a correctly installed roll of toilet paper spools away from the wall (as seen below).

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