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Written by Monique Massiah   
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 22:28

This is the final blow. By the time this article goes to print, the licence plate on the back of my baby Dodge Calibre will be changed from Alberta to Saskatchewan. So be forewarned right now, I'm having an immature whine as I write this column and I know that my colleagues in the news office will be laughing at me as I travel all the way back to Alberta this weekend with my shiny new Saskatchewan plates.
A funny thing happened as I was interviewing Cpl. Steve Boodram about last week's traffic blitz.
So as background information, if you haven't already met me, I have a hard time letting go of anything to do with Alberta.
I love Alberta. I'm not ashamed to say I have a set of Calgary Flames-themed PJs, Stamps memorabilia in my vehicle and a small poster of Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi in my house. I carry Calgary Stampede lanyards, I sometimes hum the 1988 city of Calgary theme song and frequently travel back and forth between Maple Creek and Calgary.
It took several months to just think of installing any Roughriders gear in my home and hand out gag Christmas gifts of Roughrider gear during exchanges with friends and relatives.
I think it's important to know where you come from and be proud of it.  And so I have a little bit of fear each time I travel back to Alberta. As I park my car in front of my house between their Landrovers equipped with shiny red Alberta plates, it's like they (my neighbours) know I'm no longer one of them. One green amongst a sea of red.
My heart breaks a little each time my friends back home can tell a little bit of me goes green. My work clothing has gone from professional to casual, my soundtrack for life has gone from everything to much more country and I no longer visit Starbucks for my venti chai latte religiously.
I recall the first time I let my friends know I wouldn't be staying over for the weekend because I needed to make the four-hour drive back to Maple Creek. The response was a cruel, "Ha, Saskatchewan, really that's funny." At the time I gritted my teeth and smiled. I know there's nothing wrong with moving to Saskatchewan. I've found Maple Creek to be a really  wonderful town of truly warm people in the middle of the country.
But I love Alberta.
Anyhow back to my talk with Boodram. I try not to willfully break the law, but I was busted over the phone by Boodram – given a warning about my little red Alberta plates.
He put the fear of the law back into me for a couple of seconds. I have a perfect driving record you see, so Boodram's warning got me calling Kal Tire first and booking a safety inspection appointment for Tuesday in fear of my first traffic ticket. Then a few seconds later, after realizing I would be breaking the law if I drove to Calgary on the weekend I badgered Cypress Motors into squeezing me in for Friday morning.
So this part goes out to all of you Alberta and BC-plate packing buddies, you know who you are. It's not only my dirty little secret anymore. You too have only three months before you need to have your license plates changed from blue or red to green.
Anyhow after receiving my warning I had a little cry at the last part of Alberta in me that was about to be swiftly removed from sight. I sighed and had a bit of a whine, well for about two hours. I flopped back on my desk chair like a soggy banana peel as my co-workers  laughed at my expense.
I have to admit it's a bit ironic that I got busted as I had taken the initiative to call the cops for information on traffic in town. Even as I write this, Angela, my editor, passes behind my desk and reminds me that I can now take a break as it's 3 p.m. and time to drown my sorrows on losing my last bit of Alberta. I guess there are some redeeming qualities to green. The Roughriders, grass and money is green, and in a few hours so shall I be.

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