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Wednesday, 22 February 2012 20:38

Whether it's a fire or vehicle accident, local volunteer firefighters are on the front lines of any emergency situations that arise. Now the newest additions to the Maple Creek Fire Department are updating their training through a Level 1 training course.
Brett Lund, a former member of the Maple Creek Fire Department, is teaching the course to about six local members throughout February and March.
The training will give the firefighters a greater understanding of various emergency situations and personal safety.
"The guys that are taking it right now are new within the last two or three years, so... they have the standardized training at the hall, but they haven't really had any formal training," Lund explained.
In their most recent session over the weekend, the firefighters received training in fire extinguishers, rope and knot tying and fire streams, which is the stream of water from a hose that is intended to reduce high temperatures from a blaze and provide protection to firefighters.
Volunteers also underwent simulations such as a building collapse, in which they were required to make their way blindfolded through obstacles.
"A lot of it is for their own personal safety. That's what we really push for," Lund said. "It will give them a base knowledge on all sorts of fire attacks, auto extraction and anything else related to fire fighting."
Most volunteer fire departments expect members to receive Level 1 training, but Level 2 firefighter training is only required of those working full-time for a fire department.
The last Level 1 training for local firefighters was over three years ago.
To bring the newest members up to date on their training, Fire Chief Keith Stork enlisted the help of Lund, who completed an instructor's course through the Office of the Fire Commissioner in October 2011.
After graduating high school, Lund got an early start in fire fighting with the Maple Creek crew in 2008.
He then took a three-month Level 2 firefighter training course in Melville before taking his EMT training and starting work as a rescue technician in Regina.
Lund is now preparing to begin his fire fighting career full-time with the Regina Fire Department in March.
"It's pretty exciting and I can't wait," he said.
Stork is glad Lund has taken the time to come back to the community and provide his expertise in training the new members.
"He's the first guy in our recent history to get onto a full-time fire department, so it's nice to see he's got success that way and wants to come and give back," he stated.
He noted the establishment of the junior firefighter program has allowed high school students aged 16 to 18 to join the fire crew. The fire department has three junior volunteers who are undergoing Level 1 training, but will have limited duties when responding to fires and accidents.
Through the training with Lund, Stork said the junior members can gain a better understanding of where volunteering with the fire department can take them.
"It's good for our young guys to see it is possible to go through that," he said. "It puts it a little closer in reach to them."
All members of the fire department are expected to have their Level 1 training completed by the spring.

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