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Thursday, 11 March 2010 16:37
By Marcia Love
Council announced a new doctor has arrived in Maple Creek at their March 9 meeting.
Dr. Ratnayake arrived on March 3 from Swift Current and will begin work March 15.
“It was sort of a surprise because (he was not expected) to be here until mid-April, but everything worked out so he got here earlier,” Mayor Barry Rudd said.
Also deliberated at council was the Hospital Oversight Committee’s plans regarding the new integrated facility.
“We have a whole pile of committees that we’re going to have to fill prior to construction, during construction and after construction,” Councillor John Andreas said.
There are six committees that Andreas said need to be filled, including the building committee, doctor recruitment and retention committee, equipment fundraising committee, oncology-dialysis committee, foundation committee and Cypress Lodge committee.
“We could look at the heads of the committees to come from the elected officials on the oversight committee, but there may also be another person who would be perfect for heading up (one of the committees),” Andreas said.
More information will be provided to council following the oversight committee’s next meeting March 19.
Council discussed SUMA’s Urban Connector Program, which is a new plan proposed by the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure to transfer the portions of provincial highways running through municipalities to municipal maintenance.
“To this point, the ministry has looked after the snow removal, paving and maintenance of those highways going through municipalities,” town administrator Mark Caswell said. “They would now like to give money to the municipality to maintain (the portions) by themselves. A number of communities are very uncomfortable with the program.”
The Town of Maple Creek did not sign on in support of the program because council was unsure of its effectiveness.
“What if a semi comes through here and it’s got a load of diesel fuel and it tips?” Rudd asked. “Who’s going to clean it up? It’s no longer the responsibility of the Department of Highways.”
SUMA has proposed a one-day forum to be held in April for communities interested in learning more about the Urban Connector Program to meet with a representative from the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.
Council encourages the community to get involved in the Cowtown Rodeo parade, which will take place May 29. The parade, a theme of Our Western Heritage, is sponsored by the Maple Creek Chamber of Commerce.
Proposals from contractors are being looked into by council for the planned waterpark to be located by the swimming pool. The waterpark is funded though a grant received from the government last year to improve recreation.
A steering committee has been approved by council to see the Town of Maple Creek join the Communities in Bloom project.
Communities in Bloom is an organization promoting the use of plants and green space in beautifying towns and cities through community involvement. The program costs $200 for a community to join.
“I believe it’s a positive step (for the town),” said Rudd.
Councillor Ellaine Hawrylak said she believes it is a good place for the town to start in natural beautification.
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