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Pros and cons of being a mermaid

Posted on April 20, 2017 by Maple Creek

By Megan Roth

Like many young children, I once dreamed of running away to a more exciting life.

I read tales of children meeting adventure and thrills after being whisked away to a world of wonder.

Unlike some, my dream of running off to a magical world full of  intrigue, amazing creatures and, if I had my way, magic.

That means I didn’t envision a life in the circus.

Walking the tight line high above the audience, taming lions or miming actions did not capture me.

I’m rather afraid of heights, I’m too unsure of my abilities to tame a house cat let alone the king of the jungle.

And clowns give me the heebie-jeebies.

No, my dream often had me running away to become a mermaid.

Or one day finding out I was actually born a mermaid and my parents adopted me and raised me human. I got that idea from the Disney Channel Original Movie “The 13th Year”.

It’s much too apparent that my parents are in fact my parents. I look too much like them, so “The 13th Year” fantasy stayed a fantasy.

However, now I am older and wiser, I still wonder what life would be like as a mermaid. If I was somehow able to shuck away my life on the land for another under the sea.

Because I am a fan of lists, whenever I delved into the fantasy world of mermaids I created a pro-con list.

Pro: Great hair.

Maybe it’s thanks to “The Little Mermaid” but in my head all mermaids have great hair.

Even now, that I am technically a fully grown adult, anytime I am in a body of water I like to watch my hair flow around me and pretend I am a mermaid with stellar hair.

Con: Pollution.

It is well known now that the world’s oceans are becoming more of a dumping ground than anything else.

Garbage, sewage and sometimes even oil are spilled into the ocean affecting all life it comes into contact with.

Being a mermaid would mean you would be directly affected by the ocean’s pollutions.

Pro: Adventure.

Living your life under the ocean’s surface would allow for every opportunity of adventure.

Sunken ships to explore, new depths to see, animals and creatures we don’t even know about yet are your next door neighbour.

I would be the mermaid who would travel from place to place, area to area, to see all that I could.

The best part is all this adventure would be free. You wouldn’t have to pay for flights because you would swim everywhere.

There is no admission prices to anything because who would put it in place.

Con: Sharks

Sharks would be everywhere and make it so you have to be careful where you swim.

And because you are part fish life would be even more precarious around sharks because they would actually like the taste of a mermaid.

I would think a mermaid would be like a delicacy for sharks.

Pro: Absolute freedom

As this is a fantasy world anything is possible.

You can go from place to place without worry.

There is no money to worry about. No concern over making rent this month or paying all the bills.

There is also no debt in this wonderful fantasy world.

You can go wherever the current takes you without any care in the world.

Just keep an eye out for sharks and maybe the odd sea witch and life would be grand.

If science catches up with this fantasy I would be one of the first to sign up for life as a mermaid.

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